Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Craft Fair

My first project for my Miss Bliss blog is a needle book I'm making for my sewing co-op craft fair. I used felt, ribbon, thread and embroidery thread to make these. I got my pattern from the book Simple Sewing by Klutz. 

My favorite thing about making them is stitching with embroidery thread around the edges. I used a large running stitch because it was supposed to be decorative.

I'm also working on making colored pencil rolls which hold colored pencils and roll up and tie off so you can take your colored pencils places.

Miss Bliss

The Miss Bliss blog is about sewing and crafting projects that I do and want to tell you about. Miss Bliss is the name of my little company. Miss Bliss started when I got a book for my birthday (My Style Studio by Klutz) which talked about making your own fashion label.

I started out by selling paper crafts to my brothers for pennies or we traded for what they made. I made my own label which I used to give them birthday gifts.

When I was asked to make a few things for the holiday craft fair at my sewing co-op, my mom suggested I make some labels. I drew my special, little label and we scanned it into the computer and made it small enough to put a bunch on a page and we printed and laminated it.

I even got my own little email and my mom surprised me with this blog. I've been making needle books and colored pencil rolls for the craft fair. In my next post, I'll show you the needle books and when I'm finished the pencil rolls I'll show you those too.