Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dress Designs

Me and my best friend designed dresses. My brother and my dad went to a civil war ball. We designed  
gowns. We will go next year.

I folded a large piece of fabric for this one.

This is my favorite dress.

 We stuffed a dress form with stuffing and we pinned fabric to it to make dresses. We had fun and next year I can't wait to design a real dress and go to the ball!

Monday, May 30, 2011

My Fashion Sewing Party

Yesterday was my birthday party. I'm going to be 11 on June 1st. I had a fashion party. We made doll things and I made a skirt.

These were the treat bags- for the girls to take home what they made

One of my friends brought her mom's machine so we had two machines to work with. Mine is the one in the back corner of the picture.

We all found work space in my room.

This is the skirt I made.

My friend made a doll pillow.

E is using my machine- just the arm to sew a seam at the top of her dress.

This is my skirt after I made a change. I actually added a button on the ribbon too.

It was awesome. My favorite part of all was sewing with my friends!