My Dolls

These are my dolls and some facts about them. Sometimes I get dolls for my birthday or Christmas, but most of them I purchased myself by saving gift money and earning money from my sewing- or consigning toys I've outgrown. Right now I'm saving up for Ruthie. Update, I have gotten Ruthie, Now I want Julie.

Name- Ruthie Smithons
Birthday- January 14
Likes- Playing with Kit
Name: Kit Kittredge
Birthday: December 10th
Likes: Making newspapers,
Dislikes: Being poor

Name: Elizabeth Cole
Birthday: February 22nd
Likes: Horses
Dislikes: Her teacher

Name: Addy Walker
Birthday: February 23rd
Likes: Family, Friends
Dislikes: Slavery, Master Stevens, Harriet

Name: Samantha Parkington
Birthday: June 17th
Likes: Ice cream
Dislikes: child labor, Eddie Ryland

Name: Felicity Merriman
Birthday: June 1st
Likes: horses,
Dislikes: horse abuse, needlework, having to ride side saddle

Name: Kaya
Birthday: July 10th
Likes: Horses, her dog
Dislikes: the fact that her horse is not old enough to race
Name: Molly McIntire
Birthday: January 3rd
Likes: Movies
Dislikes: her brother

Name: Kirsten Larson
Birthday: June 1st
Likes: Sweden, her doll Sarah
Dislikes: crowded boats, animal abuse, long voyages