Friday, December 23, 2011

How to Make a Shrinky Dinks/T-shirt Necklace

Hello, This is Molly. I am guest posting on Miss Bliss. I thought I would show you how to make a necklace with shrinky dinks and a t-shirt.

  • Shrink plastic*
  • Coloring materials*
  • Old t-shirt**
  • Jump rings*
  • Beads*
  • Pliers ***
* you can get these at a craft store.
 **You can get one at a craft store, but they would be new tees. You could also use stretchy fabric.
*** These you can get at a hardware store.
Trace, color, and cut Shrinky Dinks. Punch hole. Bake according to the instructions.  

This is what you will be making.

 Then, cut off the hem. (You don't want the hem because it doesn't roll)

 Cut a strip from the tee where the hem used to be.

 Cut the strip so that it is no longer a big loop.

 Now stretch it. It will curl under. Don't worry, it is supposed to do that.

 Fold it in half, like in the picture. It is not necessary, but it is helpful.

 Make a knot. It is hard to explain, so look in the picture. Do the same thing on the other side.

 Like that.

Get some beads, and string them on so they come down to the knots.

 Make more knots.

 Add more beads.

 Looks like a necklace, but it is not finished yet.

 Get your jump rings, pliers, and pendant.

 Use the pliers to open up the jump ring. (Sorry about the blurry picture)

 Put the jump ring in the hole in the pendant.(see picture)
 Bend the jump ring back closed.

 Knot the ends, and you have a necklace!

  I hope you'll enjoy making my craft! ( I love this craft!!!)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sleeping Bag

I made a sleeping bag for my dolls. Just one, not many, but in time to go on a trip with me.

I broke my arm, see the cast?

Lovely, right?

It has a shiny fabric for the outside, and flannel for the inside. It even has the seams! Like on the outside of a real bag.